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WOXIMILLER brand was founded in 1998 and is one of the companies controlled by Zhejiang Miller Plumbing Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive strength enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. Its products include various copper valves, pipe fittings and plumbing equipment, which are widely used in buildings for water supply and drainage, gas systems, HVAC systems, cities Heating systems, building intelligent systems and sanitary ware. The company has perfect design, processing and testing process, adopts international advanced technology for product design, and uses high-precision machine tools for processing. Each link is strictly controlled, and it has advanced and perfect testing equipment. Various qualification certifications of authoritative departments and institutions.
The company has long been committed to Europe, Asia, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and in business, we have formed reciprocal and mutually beneficial trading partners with well-known companies around the world, and have formed a clear competitive advantage in the industry in terms of research and development, production, testing, and quality management. !! The company insists on "quality first, integrity first". In the entire process of product design and development, material procurement, product realization, testing and testing, and delivery services, it strictly operates in accordance with the quality management system established by the international standard ISO9001: 2008. Worchmiller always regards the focus of customer attention as the pursuit of the company, and strives to be superior in quality, excellent service, reasonable prices and punctual delivery as its operating principles, treat customers with integrity, continuously improve and continuously meet customer needs.
Our commitment to product quality: do what you say.
Hpb59-1 national standard high-quality brass is used, which is integrally forged to prevent trachoma and pore leakage. Manufactured by high-precision automatic special machine, it can be opened and closed quickly, lightly, with low fluid resistance and good sealing performance. Products are suitable for municipal water treatment pipelines, natural gas pipelines, heating system pipelines, petroleum pipelines and other fields.
The company has passed ISO international quality system certification and implemented GB / T8464-2008 national standard. Worchmiller provides product demand service for high-end and high-end valve customers. It is your best choice for supporting manufacturers!


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